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Ethnic & Asian Arts
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Large Northwest Coast carved cedar mask form totem. 24.5" tall. Has label from previous sale at Bushell's Auction.
African Namji Cameroon people beaded fertility doll. Seated figure decorated with trade beads, cowry shells and ornaments. 13.75" tall
Antique Salish berry basket. 9.25" tall. Tears and missing section on rim
Chinese wood bucket with lid. Constructed with metal bands and lid with carved top. 8.25 inches tall. Portion of lid split from shrink
Mahongwe Kota Reliquary guardian wood figure. Head covered with stamped brass and copper sheets. 18.5" tall
Antique Salish berry basket. 8.75" tall, 10" wide. Sections of weave and leather missing on rim
Burmese Lady Buffalo wooden Nat figure. 14" tall. no horns
Japanese Pigeon Blood Ando's cloisonne' vase. 9 5/8" tall. Silver plating on top rim deteriorated and corroded
Clay figure of the Hindu Goddess Parvati with her child Ganesh at her side. Cold painted. 19.75" tall
Burmese wood figure of Lady Buffalo - Pegu Me Daw. 21.5" tall to tip of horn. Part of horn is missing
Antique Salish burden basket. 13 7/8" tall with imbricate zigzag design. Some leather missing or replaced with cotton twine.
Northwest coastal antique woven purse. Lid has come unattached. 7" wide
African Namji Cameroon people beaded fertility doll. Wood figure decorated with trade beads and cowry shells. 16.5" tall. Comes with metal stand
Small Navajo rug. 36 x 19"
Three piece Yixing clay and pewter Tea Set. Tallest piece is 5 1/4. Bottoms have embossed signature of Yee Dzu Ching, Chefoo N. China
Pair of Chinese brass vases. 5 5/8" tall On has rum out of round with old repair
Chinese Yixing red clay bottle form vase with dragons amongst clouds motif. Unsigned. 12.25" tall
12" tall carved wood & painted Buddha figure
Cloisonne vase with dragons chasing the flaming pearl of wisdom. 7.25" tall
Burmese partially silver and gold gilded nat figure. 14" tall.